Limnor Studio for Visual Programming

Visual Kiosk Software Development

Limnor Studio makes it very easy to develop kiosk software. Here is a simple sample. Following are some built-in kiosk features.
  • Desktop hiding - when the kiosk software is running, a background form covers the desktop, you may design the background, you do not need to worry about how to use the background form to cover the desktop.
  • Desktop locking - if you provide a standard keyboard to your kiosk then you need to lock the desktop while your kiosk software is running so that the user cannot take control of the computer or switch to other applications. For details, see Kiosk Setup.
  • Multi-language and globalization - this is not a kiosk-specific feature. Any standalone programs and web sites may use this feature. A piece of resource (text, image or media file) can be made in various languages. Your software or web site may allow the user to switch language and correct resources will be automatically used. If your kiosk needs to be used by users speaking different languages then this feature is very handy for you.
  • On-screen-keyboard - if you are using a touch-screen for your kiosk then you may use an on-screen-keyboard for accepting user inputs.