If your programs use ActiveX controls such as PDF reader and you do not compile your programs to be of 32-bit then your programs may fail.
If your program uses Microsoft Access database then a compiler warning appears on building your program.

This warning tells us that the program is compiled into a 32-bit program because it detects that the Jet database driver is used. Only 32-bit programs can use the Jet database driver.
By default, Limnor Studio compiles programs for running under any CPU. Such a program runs as a 64-bit program under 64-bit operating system and runs as a 32-bit program under 32-bit operating system. Such a program crashes under a 64-bit operating system if it uses Jet database driver, because it runs in 64-bit mode and try to use a 32-bit Jet database driver. To avoid the crash situation, Limnor Studio forces the program to run only in 32-bit mode even under 64-bit operating system. Limnor Studio gives the warning to tell us that it has changed the default platform target from “any cpu” to “x86”.
To get rid of the warning you may specify the platform target to be x86. If your program uses a 32-bit software other than Jet database driver then you have to specify the platform target to be x86 because Limnor Studio, before build, cannot make the platform target change for you. Choose menu “Project|Properties”:

Select Build to change the platform target:

If you are using Limnor Studio 5 then the platform target is set on the Properties Window for the project properties:

Since build the compiler of the Limnor Studio tries to detect usages of 32-bit assemblies if a project's target platform is AnyCPU. If a 32-bit assembly usage is detected then the project's target platform will be automatically changed to x86.

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