Limnor Studio for Visual Programming

Visual Web Development

Limnor Studio revolutionizes web development by removing a boundary between client and server programming, by visual web page editing, and by visual programming.
Limnor Studio makes client server programming easy, intuitive, efficient and less bug-prone.
  • It is easy because the client/server programming is done as if it is a standalone application programming. The web pages are designed via What You See Is What You Get visual editors.
  • It is intuitive because the disappearing of client server boundary allows programmers to focus on implementing business logic instead of worrying about implementing client server interactions.
  • It is efficient because the Limnor Studio compiler identifies necessary upload, download and state values, instead of blindly upload and download all form values or modified values.
  • It is less bug-prone because the coding for client server interactions is generated by machine not by human programmers.
Thus the new programming paradigm takes most of the client server programming complexity away from the human programming jobs.

Visual Web Page Editors

 Limnor Studio provides two unique visual web page editors. These two editors are quite different than any other web page editors in the world. While editing a web page in Limnor Studio you may switch between the two editors. The result web page is a combination of the web contents from the two editors. You do not need to learn HTML coding. Web page editing is done via a What You See Is What You Get visual process.

Web Form Editor

 This web page editor is almost identical to a form designer you used in Limnor Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio, and other IDE for developing Graphic User Interface in standalone programs.  
 You drop components from the toolbox to the web page. Move and resize components on the web page to form desired look and feel. Set properties of the components for GUI and programming. The GUI design process is exactly the same as for standalone software development.
The programming design process is also exactly the same as for standalone software development. Because Limnor Studio visual programming does not distinguish client programming and server programming. You do not need to worry about client server connections and interactions. You do programming as if it is standalone software. From your visual programming, Limnor Studio automatically identifies client server interactions needed, identifies data exchanges needed, and automatically implement client server communications and interactions to fulfill your programming.
If you already familiar with database programming and data-binding then you will see that those programming operations can also be applied to web projects in exactly the same way.
The Web Form Editor is feature-rich, making it not just for web form design, but an entire web site can be developed with it. For example, the technology department of Superior Drilling Products has developed complex business web site with it, see

Visual HTML Editor

The Visual HTML Editor lets you design a web page using almost all HTML features provided by the industry specifications, without writing HTML code. It automatically generates CSS according to your visual web page editing. Comparing to the Web Form Editor, the Visual HTML Editor is for web document editing. For example, this document is created by the Visual HTML Editor.

It lets you control HTML element style sharing.

You can use almost all kinds of HTML elements provided by the industry specifications, including hidden elements and page heads. For each HTML element on the web page, you can view and modify almost all attributes provided by the industry specifications.

It also provides non-standard HTML elements, such as menu bar, tree-view, slide-show, video-player, music-player, YouTube-player, etc.

Like the Web Form Editor, all HTML elements created by the Visual HTML Editor can be programmed, database-binding can be applied, in exactly the same way as for standalone software.

The screenshot on the right side is a web mail programming example. A button's onclick event is assigned a list of actions including both client operations and server operations. The Limnor Studio compiler will generate two client/server connections for data exchanges and client and server operations from the programming.

The Visual HTML Editor is document editing oriented. But it can also be used to develop web forms. It has a very powerful table editing capability, making it very easy to use table to design various web page layout. Below is a samle UI designed via the Visual HTML Editor.

 For information on how to use the Visual HTML Editor, see Users' Guide.

Automatic Cloud Computing

Limnor Studio is the first automatic cloud computing system in the world. It creates a new programming paradigm for web site development.

  • The programmers do web programming without explicitly distinguish client side programming and server side programming
  • The programmers never need to do programming to perform explicit client serve communications and client server interactions;
  • The programmers do not need to worry about efficiently perform necessary data uploads and downloads;
  • The programmers do not need to write code to identify and maintain states during multiple client server interactions.

Limnor Studio compiler turns human programming into client/server interactive programs.

  • The compiler generates client side coding and server side coding from the programming of the programmers
  • The compiler identifies the needs of client server communications and generates required coding to perform client server communications
  • The compiler identifies and generates codes for necessary data uploading and downloading
  • The compiler identifies and generates necessary code for maintaining states for code executions in a web server when multiple client server interactions are generated from the human programming.

Thus there is not a boundary between client side programming and server side programming to a human programmer.

Cloud computing is thus becomes totally automatic, and without special web servers or installing special handlers on the web server.

Database and data-binding

If you used database and data-binding in developing standalone program projects in Limnor Studio then you will find that using database and data-binding in web projects are the same. The same database components are used. The same data-binding operations are used. The same programming process is used.

Single Value Data-binding

For every HTML element on a web page some attributes can be bound to databases, for example, innerHTML, value, and any developer created values. For example, for a check box element, the following attributes can be data-bound: Checked, innerHTML, value, and tag.

Every HTML element can be associated with named values. Every named value can be data-bound.

Data-binding is a two way data exchange. Once an attribute is bound to a database value the attribute automatically gets database value when it is available. Modifications to the attribute can also be saved back to the database automatically.

Table/List Value Data-binding

An HTML table can be bound to a database. Just set its DataSource. The data will automatically appears as the table's cells.

Data can be edited in each cell if the corresponding column is not read-only. When updating the data source, modified rows will be uploaded to the web server to be saved back to the database.
If a column is for image then images will be displayed in the cells of the column. Image data can be an URL to an image on the web server if it is a text column. Image data can be binary image contents if it is a binary data column. 
Html list boxes and dropdowns can also be bound to databases.


Data Repeater

A search engine displays search results in a list of found items, each item is displayed in text, images, hyper-links, etc. Limnor Studio provides a Data-Repeater element for you to design such web pages to display records from a database query. Each record is displayed as one item. Elements in a data-repeater item can also be used for data entry if the data source is not read-only.

The Limnor Studio user forum uses a data repeater to display posts.

This is a product display sample:

Data Streaming

If a database query returns large number of records then it takes time to transfer large amount of data from web server to the web page, making the web page unresponsive. Limnor Studio allows you to turn on data-streaming so that records are transferred from the web server to the web page batch by batch. One batch consists of a small number of records. You can specify the number of records in a batch. While a visitor viewing available records on the web page, the web page keeps fetching remaining batches of records and feeding the web page with new records.