Limnor Studio for Visual Programming



What is Limnor Studio 

Limnor Studio is a pioneer in generic purpose visual programming system, released in August 2003. Many years of efforts have been devoted to developing visual languages and codeless technologies. Some new technologies have been patented in 2013.

Limnor Studio is an IDE for rapid software development. The users develop software in a visual and codeless programming paradigm. Text coding is not needed. Programming is done via object construction and event-linking. Event-linking is shown in Event-Path visual language. Function development is done via control-flow visual language.

Same programming approach is used for standalone software development and web development. In web develoment, client server boundary is removed. Developing a web application is done as if it is developing a standalone application. It is the first fully automated cloud computing system in the world.

Built-in features in Limnor Studio make it easy to develop following software.

  • Windows form and drawing applications
  • Windows Dynamic Link Libraries
  • Windows Kiosk applications
  • Windows Services
  • Web Services
  • Console Applications
  • Windows Installers (MSI files)
  • Screensaver Applications
  • Remote Services
  • ASPX Web sites and applications
  • PHP Web sites and applications.
  • Unified database programming for standalone and web applications
  • Unified multi-language support for standalone and web applications

This web site is entirely developed using Limnor Studio.

 Depending on the projects you are developing, your programming represented in visual languages are compiled into following files: EXE, DLL, MSI, SCR, ASPX, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS. If you are developing .Net Framework programs then C# source files, resource files and Visual Studio project files are also generated for you together with compiled binaries.

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Limnor Studio -- IDE for visual programming  

Method editor using control-flow

Math expression editor

Visual HTML Editor